A Warm Welcome

Hi. Hajimemashita. And welcome.

I am very delighted and proud that I finally got the opportunities to write again in my blog. Thank you. Getting here was not that easy, I know that.To begin my blog I have prepare a few things to say out from my point of view and what I experience. It is just what I see and think through my own perspective. If you find it offensive or you have any comments feel free to leave your comments. Many thanks.


Codename : thefox
Education : University of Fukui Japan(currently), AAJ University Malay, MJSC Langkawi
Qualification : SPM leaver,student
Language : English, Japanese, Malay

I’ve recently move to new adress : www.farfinity.com/blog

Blogspot : http://nezumirrofox.blogspot.com/

MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/nezumirrofox

Email : invincible.infinity@gmail.com
Skype ID: nezumirofox


  1. the spelling for perspective kay
    good blh buat utk mama. mama bayar 200 k.

  2. nice blog dude. im gonna miss u so much

  3. weyh….hehe…aku cilok sket beberapa unsur daripada blog ang…..

    sbb..aku tak reti sgt nak carik bende2 ngan text2 tu…


  4. urm nice blog..

  5. hola! how are you? Lama x update?

  6. nanobreaker!!!

  7. weh budak slebet
    bila nk blk

  8. bila nk balik???
    x rindu kat ps2 ker??

  9. salam… saje jalan2…hoho

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